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(alphabetical by FIRST name)

Christian Brantley,

aka Circle •

Christopher Niosi

aka Kirbopher,

creator of the TOME series, Nin10Doh!,

Go, Go Parody Rangers,

and Brawl Taunts

Dom Fera,

Creator of

The Lazer Collection

and Deck'd series

Jason Steele,

Creator of the

Charlie the Unicorn and Llamas With Hats series

Jason Windsor,

Creator of

The End of the World

Jay Allen,

creator of

"Fabulous Secret Powers"


Jesse J. Jones,

creator of

"Forehead Shavecut" & "Timmy's Tumor"

Jonathan Gran and Danielle Kogan,

creators of "Great: The Show",

"We GOTTA Get SPONGEBOB Back", and "The Family Simp"

Jonti Picking

aka Mr. Weebl

Rodrigo Huerta

aka El-Cid,

creator of


Batman Eats a Hotdog, and Glarfieldiator