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Episode 114

The First Hiatus/ Rumble's Revenge

Charley and Ella are joined by fan studies scholar Abby Kirby ( to go in-depth on the cultural phenomenon of the Gravity Falls fandom during the show's first big hiatus. We also take a look at the browser game "Rumble's Revenge" and the secrets it contains.

Check out Abby's Gravity Falls anniversary zine project:

Read Abby's recent article about the show and its paratexts (MAJOR Gravity Falls spoilers within):

Play Rumble's Revenge via Flashpoint:


Ep. 13:

Gravity Falls

Charley and Ella are joined by Kyle A. Carrozza (creator of Cartoon Network's MIGHTY MAGISWORDS) to discuss "Summerween." We talk the way the episode captures the trick-or-treating experience, how it encapsulates the show's main theme, and the pathos of loser candy.

Follow Kyle:

Watch Mighty Magiswords:

Watch Kyle's cartoon "MooBeard the Cow Pirate":

Watch Gravity Falls episode 12 "Summerween":


Episode 12:
Gravity Falls

"Little Dipper"

Charley and Ella talk about the return of Lil' Gideon, the way this episode relates to the trans-ing of their respective genders, and (of course) the FAAAAAAAAAMILY AUTO MART!

Join us as we play the GF browser game "Rumble's Revenge" Friday Sept. 3rd at 7 PM EST at

Watch Gravity Falls episode 11 "Little Dipper":

Watch the Family Auto Mart commercials that inspired Bud Gleeful: